Wednesday, 30 September 2015

PauPau @ Wang Chao Restaurant, Sungai Dua

Wang Chao Restaurant which is located at Pekaka Square (same building as Maxim Dim Sum House or just next to Talk Talk Wine Bar) has been operated for more than a decade long. Recently they are having set meal promotion for their 13th Anniversary. The set meal promotion is consists of 5 main course and a soup, and cost for RM 10 each person (but min diners is two persons). Well, the promotion is only valid with call in reservation and the deal is until 31-Oct-2015.

Without much delay, finally we go to try out this promotional set meal on mid of Sept. The main course and soup is as shown below is for portion of three persons..

Famous Crab Meat Soup
The Crab Meat Soup is come in quite a generous portion for three. It has thick and glutinous texture, overall the soup taste good with lots of ingredients. My dad loves this soup very much and i think he had most of the soup among us.   

Claypot Curry Prawn
The Claypot Curry Ptawn is consists of three prawns (the prawn size is about 2/3 palm size) in the thick curry. I would say that this savoury curry prawn is the best dish among the dishes of the promotional set meal. The curry is rich and aromatic, it is so appetizing and too good to eat with rice too.

Ocean Sauce Steam Fish Meat
There is two medium size of steamed fish fillet with ocean sauce. i can't tell what fish is that, but definitely not dory fish, and the fish fillet is quite fresh. The ocean sauce taste like some sort of Nyonya sauce to me, but it is more on the sweetness taste with mild spiciness. 

Thai Mango Chicken
The Thai Mango Chicken is consists of deep fried chicken slices, served with mango kerabu. According to my dad, this is another sweet and sour dish with crispy chicken slice.  

Golden Mushroom Bean Curd
The Golden Mushroom Bean Curd is consists of six pieces of bean curd, served with siew pak choy and golden mushroom. The bean curd is taste good with smooth and silky texture.  

Bean Sprout with Dried Shrimp
Even though this is a simple dish, but the bean sprout is still remain its crunchiness and not overcooked. But I feel that it is lack of the fragrant of dried shrimp.

Spinach Chicken Soup (RM 13 Nett)
 Well, we have add on this spinach chicken soup as there is no green in the promotional set meal. The double yolk is not as salty as the salted egg yolk, which is okay for my taste bud but not my dad, Overall the soup is quite delicious and has the right sweetness with mild Chinese wine taste.

Free dessert after meal

Wang Chao Restaurant, Sungai Dua
Address: 2-G-2, Pekaka Square, Lebuh Pekaka 1, 11700 Sungai Dua, Penang
Business Hours: 11am to 10pm 
Contact: 04 - 657 1118 / 016 - 444 3268

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

PauPau @ Ssambap Korean Restaurant, Crystal Point

Recently we are likely craving for Korean food, after DuBuYo (Gurney Paragon), K Food (Elit Avenue) and Hang Sang (Prima Tanjung), finally I got to try out this newly opened Korean restaurant which is located at commercial building of Crystal Point (just next to La Mei Ji).

The dining environment is quite spacious with wooden theme design. 

Their weekday lunch special (11am to 3pm) RM 19.90 ++, which is included a main course, side dishes, rice,soup and drink.

Wow... there is nine side dishes (Banchan). Well, I am kind of excited and happy with the variety of vegetables, potato and anchovies. Yes, they served for nine side dishes (banchan) here, which is quite generous of them as most of the Korean restaurant (same standard) will served from two to four side dishes. Normally those high class and more expensive Korean restaurant will served for more than eight banchan. 

Beef Bulgogi (RM 18 + 16% charges)
The Beef Bulgogi is served with steamed rice and seaweed soup. The beef bulgogi is quite flavourful with strong sweetness taste. The beef portion is quite fine for this price and the meat is tender too. While the seaweed soup is more to mild taste with lots of seaweed. 

Spicy Pork (RM 18 + 16% charges)
The Spicy Pork is served with steamed rice and miso soup. The spicy pork is quite aromatic with strong spicy bean paste taste. This dish is very appetizing and it is great to eat with rice. The meat portion is also consider fine at this price. The miso soup is thick and it has mild spiciness taste, which is quite tasty too. 

Overall we had a satisfied and great lunch at Ssambap Korean Restaurant. We love their food very much and quite enjoy with the variety of banchan too. Definitely will revisit them soon! 

Menu of Ssambap Korean Restaurant, Crystal Point

Ssambap Korean Restaurant, Crystal Point
Address: 1-1-24, Crystal Point, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hours: 11am to 3pm; 5pm to 10pm (Daily)
Contact: N/A

Map to Ssambap Korean Restaurant, Crystal Point

Friday, 11 September 2015

PauPau @ OZ Restaurant, Bayan Baru (Elit Avenue)

In the past three weeks, we definitely had a great holiday by exploring and food hunt on Penang delicacies. However, "Eat, Play and Work" is still tagged along during the holiday. (The "work" here is refer to "workout", after Eat and Play need to workout in order to eat more delicious foods. :) )

Finally, I can started to share with places that we try out whether good or bad. After finalized and I  decided to share out our dining experience at OZ first. This OZ restaurant is highly recommended to you for their set meal which is quite delicious and value for money. But this restaurant is always crowded with lots of diners especially during lunch hours. Well, OZ Restaurant is actually located at the first turn after you drive in from the visitors car park entrance (Elit Avenue).

The environment is quite cosy with charming ambiance.

Their interior design is very strong in Aussie feel with their flags as décor and the hanged painting is quite attractive too.

The Set A meal (RM 14.50 Nett) is valid for lunch time only, which is included a main course and drink. While Set B (RM 24.50 Nett) is valid for lunch and dinner, which is included soup, main course, drink and dessert.

They have variety of main course choices and their selections of drink is actually quite special too compare to lemon tea or peach tea. Well, we been there for few times and their choices of drink may change from time to time.. 


Fruits Punch (mixed fresh fruits)

Soya Milk & Sea Coconut with Longans

Red bean with soya milk
This Red bean with soya milk is my most favourite drink here. The blend red bean is smooth enough and quite get along with soya milk too. This drink has a mild sweetness which is quite suit to my taste-bud.

Main Course

Aussie Roast Pork (RM 14.50 Nett)
The Aussie Roast Pork is topped up with apple sauce, served with roast potato and fresh vegetables. The roast pork type is lean and the meat is quite tender. The apple sauce is very nice with mild sweetness, and it is quite great to eat along with the roast pork too. 

House Roast Chicken
The House Roast Chicken with gravy is served roast potato and fresh vegetables. The roast chicken is quite tender and juicy, it also has the fragrant of mixed herbs too. 

Baked Whole Aussie Trout (Add RM 15)
The Baked Whole Aussie Trout with almond flakes butter, is served with roast potato, fresh vegetables and lemon slices. The baked trout is served without skin, the fish is very fresh and juicy. The trout doesn't have any fishy smell, but the bad thing is that you have to watch up for those tiny fish bones especially the belly side. You may sequence some lemon juice if sourish is your preference, but I didn't do that as I am quite enjoy the freshness of the fish.

Selfie moment with the naughty one

Menu of OZ Restaurant, Bayan Baru (Elit Avenue)

OZ Restaurant, Bayan Baru (Elit Avenue)
Address: 1-1-3,Elit Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, 11950 Penang.
Business Hours: Mon to Sun (11:30am to 2:30pm); Fri to Sun (5:30pm to 9:30pm)
Contact: 016 - 442 5472

Map to OZ Restaurant, Bayan Baru (Elit Avenue)

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