Tuesday, 31 May 2011

PauPau Seafood Udon

Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle in Japanese cuisine. Normally I only order "Ramen" when dine in at Japanese restaurant. So, this is the first time PauPau cook and try Udon soup. Udon is usually served hot in mildly flavor broth soup based. Again, PauPau has slightly changes the normal soup to tomato soup based. Today, I will share PauPau Seafood Udon with you.

1/2 cauliflower
1/2 cabbage
1 potato
4 crabmeat Stick
2 tomatoes
Fresh prawn
1 pack Udon noodles
1 canned tomato soup / puree

Cook Udon noodles in boiled water for 1min. Drain, rinse and then put in a bowl.
Now, can start cook the tomato soup. Add in the tomato soup and 3 cup of water. Stir it well.
Add in cauliflower, potato, cabbage and mushroom. 
Wait until the cauliflower, potato and cabbage is cooked, then only add in crabmeat stick, tomatoes and fresh prawn. 
The soup is ready when the prawn is turned to red color. Do not overcooked the prawn in order to maintain the freshness taste of the prawn.

Optional: Traditional Japanese Udon has a raw egg placed in the center of the soup. You may add this if you like the raw egg.

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