Sunday, 12 June 2011

PauPau Pear with White Fungus Dessert

Today I will share with you "PauPau Dessert Pear with White Fungus". This is a very simple and tasty dessert (Tong Sui). 

4 pears (you may use 2 pears for smaller portion, depend on how many people to serve)
1 small pack white fungus
6 red dates (jujubes)
Rock sugar (as per taste)
Wolf-berries (goji berry)
Lemon juices

Wash and peel the pear. Then, remove the core and cut the pear.
Soak the white fungus until softened. Remove the water.
Softened the red date in the water and then remove the pits.
Fill in water into the pot and add in the cut pears, red dates and white fungus.  
Turn the fire to lower heat once it is boiling and add in rock sugar. Stir it well.
Continue to cook for about 30mins and close the fire.
Pour it into a bowl. Then, sprinkle some wolfberries (goji berry).
Then, add 1 or 2 teaspoon lemon juice and stir it well. 
Serve it while hot.

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