Thursday, 2 June 2011

PauPau @ Goh Teo Kee Restaurant, Sg. Nibong

This is the first time I try out Goh Teo Kee which served Teo Chew cuisine. Although the ambiance and interior design was simple, yet the overall food quality are not bad.

Yee Sang or prosperity toss is a type of Teo Chew style raw fish salad. Yee sang consists of raw fish (mostly salmon), shredded vegetables, crispy crackers and variety of condiments and sauce. Yee sang is mostly served as appetizer and is a symbolic of "Good Luck" during Chinese New Year.

Tofu with meat & assorted vegetables in oyster sauce

Stir fry vegetables

Colorful kapitan curry spare ribs
The kapitan curry is very nice and rich in aroma. The combination of curry and mint leaves really make the perfect match. And the spare ribs are very tender and juicy as well. 

Teo Chew style seabass / siakap
The soup base with ginger. mushroom, tomato, coriander, parsley, chillies and soy sauce is very strong flavorful. 

Tofu with leek and prawn
This is one of their signature dishes. Tofu with leek and prawn are stir fry with the preserved soy paste which is very strong aroma.

Braised sea cucumber

Teo Chew Yam (sticky yam)
This Teo chew dessert also called as steam 'O Nee". It was sticky but moist and flavored with sugar and sprinkling with toasted sesame seeds. They also add gingko as topping too.

Goh Teo Kee Restaurant
Address: No.2, Jalan Bukit Kecil 1, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penng.
Tel: 04-6465072

Map to Goh Teo Kee Restaurant, Sg. Nibong
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