Tuesday, 7 June 2011

PauPau Simple Pita Bread Set

Today I have prepared a meatless meal for you. How about we are having "PauPau Simple Pita Bread" with extra creamy scrambled egg and mixed vegetables. Sound great?

1 pita bread
Japanese cucumber
Mint leaves

Ingredients: (For Scramble Egg)
2 eggs
Cream cheese
Himalaya salt
2 tablespoon milk / soy milk (depend on how moist you wish for the scramble. You may add 4 tablespoon for extra creamy)
Pinch of pepper powder
Chopped tomato

Add some butter in the saucepan and heat up. Grill both side of the pita bread in the pan until crispy and set aside at a plate.
Cut the japanese cucumber, lettuce, tomato and mint leaves. Place in a bowl.
Sequence some lemon juices into the vegetables and mixed evenly.

Directions: (For Scramble Egg)
Add eggs, cream cheese, Himalaya salt and milk into a bowl and whisk it.
Add some butter in the saucepan and heat up. Pour in the eggs mixture and set the fire level to low. Do not stir directly. Wait for 30seconds, then using a spatula or flat wooden spoon pushing egg towards center.
Continue scrambling and flip over the egg.
Add salt and pepper to taste. Allow the egg to cook for 20seconds and place the egg at the plate.

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