Saturday, 9 July 2011

PauPau @ Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant, Chow Thye Road

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant is located along Chow Thye Road and just opposite Harvest In Cafe. We have bought voucher from this restaurant for RM28.80 (enough for 2 persons). The restaurant has limited space and the decoration are fine.

Edamame is green soybeans sprinkled with salt. The beans are taste fine.

Jelly Fish

Hotate Kushiyaki
Hotate Kushiyaki is a grilled scallop with teriyaki sauce. The taste are fine, just the size of scallop are small.

Tempura Prawn with Assorted Vegetables
Apparently deep fried dishes is not their specialty. The tempura prawn and vegetables are very oily.

Salmon Sashimi
The salmon sashimi are fresh and nicely decorated. But the salmon sliced are too thinly.

Shishamo is a deep fried fish which is full of fish roe. The taste are fine, but it is quite oily too.

Sushi Set
This sushi set is served on the chopping board with various type of sushi, like Egg Mayo Gunkan, Kani Maki, Tuna Mayo, Ebikko Inari, Unagi Sushi and Salmon Maki. The sushi rice are tasteless and seem like they are using normal rice for the sushi. The sushi rice should be adding sushi seasoning (vinegar) so that the sushi rice will be flavorful. This is the worst sushi I ever had before. 

Chicken Sukiyaki (Kimuchi)
They have three types of soup base for Chicken Sukiyaki, that is Kimuchi, Miso and Soy base served with a raw egg. We have ordered the Kimuchi soup base. The Kimuchi soup base are quite salty and no so spicy for me.  

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant, Chow Thye Road
Address: 36C Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Penang
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 6:00pm-10:00pm
Contact: 04-2287909, 016-4921592 (
Mr Sang Wei)

Map to Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant, Chow Thye Road

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