Friday, 5 August 2011

PauPau @ Kampar Fish Jelly Yong Tau Foo, Sungai Nibong

Kampar Fish Jelly, the Yong Tau Foo shop is located at Sungai Nibong and is well known by the FIZ workers too. Beside, variety type of fish paste with vegetables, fish balls, dumplings and bean curd, they also serving braised trotter with vinegar, pork intestines, chicken feet and steam herbal chicken.

Yam Rice
The Yam Rice is very delicious and rich in aroma. They are also never stingy with the yam. Thumb up!

Hakka Noodle
Hakka Noodles is the handmade noodles with beansprout and minced meat with special sauce.  

Braised Eggs and Bean Curd

Pork Intestines

Braised Chicken Feet

Braised Trotter (Pork Leg) with Vinegar

Yong Tau Foo

Their chili sauce are not bad and goes very well with the Yong Tau Foo and Hakka Noodles too.

Kampar Fish Jelly Yong Tau Foo, Sungai Nibong
Address: Pantai Jerjak, Sungai Nibong, Penang. (before the overhead bridge to Queensbay Mall)
Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday. Lunch: 10:30am to 2:30pm; Dinner: 6:30pm  to 9:30pm

Map to Kampar Fish Jelly Yong Tau Foo, Sungai Nibong

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