Wednesday, 10 August 2011

PauPau Minced Meat with Chili Soy Bean Paste

Today I am going to cook a very simple meat dish, that is "Stir Fry Minced Meat with Chili Soy Bean Paste". This dish is bits spicy and very appetizing.

Minced Meat
Shitake Mushroom
Chili Soy Bean Paste
Sesame Oil
Butter (for stir fry)

Wash and soak the Shitake mushroom until soften. Remove the stem and sliced the mushroom. (reserved 2 tablespoons of mushroom water.)
Melted the butter on the pan at medium heat.
Add in sliced mushroom and stir fry for 1minute.
Add in minced meat and 1 tablespoon sesame oil. Continue stir fry.
Then, add in 1 tablespoon chili soy bean paste and mushroom water. (You can add extra chili if you are a spicy lover.)
Simmer the minced meat at low heat for 5minutes or until the meat is cooked.
It would be perfect to serve it hot with rice.

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