Wednesday, 17 August 2011

PauPau Spicy Clear Tomyam Soup

I love spicy foods lots, and Tomyam is one of my favorite too. This is very delicious and easy to make. Today I am going to cook "PauPau Spicy Clear Tomyam Soup". Hope you will enjoy it!

3 stalks lemongrass
Kaffir lime leaves
Chili Padi
3 tablespoons Tomyam paste
2 tomato (cube)
1 small cabbage (sliced)
1 small pack oyster mushroom (cut)
Filament crabment (halved)
Marinated minced meat (for meatball)
Cuttlefish (sliced)
Lime juice (as per taste)
500ml chicken stock or water

Bring the chicken stock or water to boil.
Add the lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and chili padi into the boiling soup and simmer for about 15mins.
Add mushroom, cabbage and tomato into the pot. Continue simmer until the ingredients are tender.
Add 3 tablespoon Tomyam paste and stir it well.
Make the marinated minced meat into meatball shape and add into the pot and brings it to boil.
Add lime juice as per your taste.
Add filament crabmeat stick and cuttlefish in the pot and continue simmer for about 1minute.
Served hot with rice or noodle.

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