Monday, 15 August 2011

PauPau @ Tomyam Store, Jelutong Market

Tomyam Store is located along Jalan Penaga, just beside the Cosway shop (Jelutong Wet Market). The Tomyam Store is opened few months ago, and finally I am going to try out the Tomyam noodle today.

The Tomyam Store are serving variety of ingredients with Tomyam Noodle as below. 
Normal Mixed (RM5) 
Pork Sliced (RM5)
Fried Dory Fish (RM6)
Fried Kalak Fish Sliced (RM6)
Fresh Kalak Fish Meat (RM8)
Fried Kalak Fish Head / Meat (RM8)

Additional charges for the add on as below.

Tomyam Noodle with Add On (RM7)
I have add on oyster mushroom, cuttle fish, quail egg and meatballs for my tomyam noodle. First glanced on the tomyam soup, my first thought are "Sure not so spicy as the tomyam soup are not as red as Sunshine Market / Foodcourt.". It is really out of my expectations as the tomyam soup  are not only spicy enough and also taste good. 

Tomyam Noodle - Meatballs (RM5)

Overall the Tomyam Noodle are good, and of course Sunshine Market / Food Court Tomyam Noodle still the best. 

Tomyam Store, Jelutong Market
Business Hours: Dinner only

Map to Tomyam Store, Jelutong Market
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  1. Overall, their tomyam mee not bad~ spicy enough :D


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