Monday, 12 September 2011

PauPau @ Table Twenty Three, Irrawaddy Road

Table Twenty Three is strategically located at Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown; just opposite row of double story before Harvest In Restaurant.  It is a double story mansion which is served for dining and also wine bar at upstairs. It is quite hard to find it at night as the restaurant name printed on the banner are too small to be spotted. 

You may enjoy the piano performance at upstairs on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Besides, they also have two nicely decorated VIP room for you to enjoy if your total spending is reached at certain amount.

This dining area are very spacious and we have choose to dine in nearby the lovely drawing on the wall.

We are using online coupon for 5 course dinner (Grilled Chicken / Salmon + Salad + Soup + Dessert + Drinks) for RM9.90 instead of RM38.20 per person. The food illustrations displayed at the deal website are the main reasons attracting me to buy this deal. Finally, we are here tonight and let see how great it is!

Hot Coffee

Lime Juice (too mild of lime scent)

Portion and presentation are slightly different from the picture displayed, but still acceptable. Too bad as there are barely no dressing for the salad.

Soup of the Day
Portion and presentation are totally different from the picture displayed. Ain't it should be a creamy soup with a slice of garlic bread as stated in the deal website? Is Mickey grabbed away my bread?! Wondering how it taste like? This is just a clear soup and it is barely tasteless. Totally felt the double shot of disappointment on this.

Grilled Chicken with Cajun Sauce
The chicken portion are fine, just that the food presentation in real is quite dull. Overall the grilled chicken are taste good, but the spaghetti and the vegetables are quite tasteless.

Grilled Salmon in Orange Juice & Spice
The food presentation and the sauce are slightly different as the picture displayed on the deal website. The grilled salmon taste normal and it is with bones. The sauteed potato are taste not bad and the vegetables are slightly tasteless.

It is again dessert served in real is absolutely different from the picture displayed at deal website. The lovely decorated dessert is only for illustration purpose to attracting people, and what we are served for the dessert are just watermelon. Last disappointment for the set dinner review closure.

Table Twenty Three, Irrawaddy Road
Address: 33, Irrawaddy Road, 10050 Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm to 11pm (Daily)

Map to Table Twenty Three, Irrawaddy Road

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  1. I don't even want to see their deal again after the first time being cheated... my friend and I coincidence to have dinner there and we both exactly don't like it...! 

  2. I'm totally understand how you feel! (being cheated)
    And too bad for you as the chicken served to you are rotten some more.

  3. I bought the deal from Ezivoucher, and its been the WORST deal i got , they can even serve me with a rotten drumstick WTF. Seriously any western food in hawker centre can do better than that. I will not return to it even they give me for free. Its just they way they treat the customer, if they cannot afford for the voucher promotion, then DONT do it, dont be suck cheapskate by CHEAT, yes, by serving something not as the deal is consider cheat!!

  4. the environment there are quite cozy with charming ambiance, but their food quality to me are slightly below average.

  5. Thanks for posting this up. I thought of buying the everyday coupon but by looking at this, i hesitated!

  6. You're welcome! Actually quite disappointed with it, as the merchant mentioned that the original price is RM30++, but what they actual served to voucher customer are different. Then, that's not a deal to us! 
    So far, No Eyed Deer is the best deal I ever had!


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