Friday, 23 September 2011

PauPau Water Chestnut With Milk

Tub Tim Krob is always my favorite dessert when dine in at Thai Restaurant. Today I am going to cook "PauPau Water Chestnut With Milk". It is slightly different with Tub Tim Krob as I did not cover up the water chestnut with Topioca flour and I am adding sago to ensure the smoothness of the dessert.

500gm jack-fruits (Sliced or Diced)
4 stalks of pandan leaves
250gm water chestnut (Diced)
250ml full cream milk (or Coconut Milk)
50gm sago
Rock sugar (as per taste)

Sliced the jack-fruits and cut the water chestnut into small dice.
Wash the pandan leaves and tied it into a knot. Cut every edges of the pandan leaves, this is to ensure the pandan fragrant can be easily spread when bring to boil. 
Bring the pandan leaves, milk and rock sugar to boiled at medium heat until the rock sugar dissolve.
Continue to stir it well at low heat for about 15mins or until the milk have the pandan fragrant. .
Then, add the sago into the milk syrup and stir it well. When the sago is become transparent, then it is ready to be served.

Leave the milk sago syrup at cool temperature and then fridge it for more chilling.
Blended some ice with the milk sago syrup and put on the center of an empty bowl. (Shaved some ice with milk syrup if you have shaver)
Pour the milk sago syrup into a bowl and then add water chestnut and jack-fruits.
Served it while chill.

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