Friday, 30 September 2011

PauPau @ Cuisine Bou, Burmah Road

This restaurant is currently closed for business.

Cuisine Bou is strategically located at Burmah Road, just next to Maxim Cake House. They are serving for authentic Japanese cuisine by their professional chef.

The environment there are quite cozy and spacious. They have some nice painting as their wallpaper.

 Varieties of Sake on the Sushi Bar

Table Setting

We are using the Ezivoucher for a Sushi Set with Miso Soup and free flow of green tea at only RM 9.90 instead of RM35.20. Let's check it out and see if this deal worthwhile or not?

Sushi Set (RM 9.90 Nett)
First glanced, feel quite satisfy with the sushi presentation and the sushi size. The Miso Soup served are hot and its taste good too. Next I am targeting on the raw sushi, the sliced salmon, tuna and mackerel are very fresh and delicious. The Octopus are good too and chew-able. The Hotdog Cheese Maki are fine, but not the special one. The California Handroll Sushi are quite nice when mix with pickle and crabmeat stick, but the rice for the California Handroll are too little. Lastly, we are enjoying the free flow green tea and the green tea are quite strong in aroma. Overall this is definitely a great deal to me!
(Rate: 3.5/5)

Ala Carte Menu 




Sushi / Maki / Temaki


Handroll Sushi

Fried Rice & Grilled 

Tenpura, Dessert & Beverage

Cuisine Bou, Burmah Road
Address: 292, Burmah Road, 10500 Penang.
Business Hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm; 6pm to 10pm (Daily); Closed on Wesnesday.

Map to Cuisine Bou, Burmah Road

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PauPau @ Paddington House of Pancakes, Queensbay Mall

Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP) are quite popular with their pancakes and this place already become my favorite spot for pancake since its newly opened.

Some snapshots of ala carte from their menu.

Brunch & Tea Set (2011)

And we are here today to try out their new menu lunch sets.

American Pancake Stack (RM11.90 + 16% Service & Gov Charges)
The American Pancake Set are served with original pancakes, cheesy bacon, sausages, mashed potato with green pea and vegetables. (Rate: 3/5)

Continental Pancake (RM12.90 + 16% Service & Gov Charges)
Dutch Pannekoek are my favorite type of pancake, so of course I have chosen Continental Pancake set. This set are served with chicken slices, capsicum, zucchini, paprika, parmesan and creamy tomato. The creamy tomato are taste great and bit spicy. (Rate: 4/5)

Paddington House of Pancake (PHOP)
Address: 1F-102-103, 1st Floor, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas.
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm (Daily)
Contact: 04-644 9910 

Map to Paddington House of Pancakes, Queensbay Mall

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

PauPau @ Pizza Station, Sunshine Farlim

Here I am again for the thin crust pizza at Pizza Station, Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall, Air Itam. This time I have snapshot the menu with price list, beside serving pizza, they also have appetizer, pasta and dessert to fulfill your appetite.



Choices of Pizza

Beverages & Desserts

Super Value Meal

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM4.80 Nett)
The wild mushroom soup are creamy and taste good, but not as good as Mizi Bistro mushroom soup.
(Rate: 3/5)

Seafood Marinara (RM13.80 Nett) 
The Seafood Marinara is served with squid, prawn and crabmeat in bolognese sauce. Overall, the Seafood Marinara is taste normal, as it is lack of herbs to bring out the aroma of the bolognese sauce.
(Rate: 2.5/5)

Meaty Paradise (Large)
The Meaty Paradise, star of the night, are topped up with chunky chicken, ham, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. Crispy and cheesy meaty pizza are just like another paradise for us. Their pizza are so delicious and never turn us down. Yummy!
(Rate: 4/5)

Italiano Pizza
Italiano Pizza, another star of the night, are topped up with chicken ham, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, green pepper and mozzarella cheese.
(Rate: 4/5)


Pizza Station, Sunshine Farlim
Address: Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall, 11500 Ayer Itam, Penang.
Business Hours: Mon to Fri:11:00 am to 10 pm; Sat to Sun:10:30 am to 10 pm

Map to Pizza Station, Sunshine Farlim
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Monday, 26 September 2011

PauPau @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop, Beach Street

The popular Beef Soup Kuey Teow stalls is right inside Lam Ah Coffee Shop, just located opposite of the Beach Street Fire Station. This Beef Soup Kuey Teow stall is well known by Penang people and of course it is also my favorite spot for Beef Soup Kuey Teow.

Blended White Nutmeg with Plum (RM3)

Beef Soup Kuey Teow (Small - RM7; Large - RM8)

Beef Soup Kuey Teow (Small - RM7)
The Beef Soup Kuey Teow are really delicious and the most we enjoyed are the beef broth. The beef soup are rich in aroma and it is even perfect to dip the beef meatball and beef spare part into the chili sauce. 
(Rate: 4.5/5)

Besides the Beef Soup Kuey Teow, this Fried Oyster stall is also a must try when you dine in there. Highly recommended! The Fried Oyster price range at RM5, RM8 and RM10.

Fried Oyster (Small - RM5)
I love the Fried Oyster here very much as it is very crispy and the oyster are fresh too. Unlike the ordinary starchy fried oyster, now I no longer see any starchy in the fried oyster, but only crispy fried oyster. 
(Rate: 4.5/5) 

Nam Ah Coffee Shop, Beach Street
Address: Beach Street (at the junction of traffic light in between Chulia Street and Beach Street)
Business Hours: 10:30am to 4:30pm; Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday

Map to Nam Ah Coffee Shop, Beach Street

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Friday, 23 September 2011

PauPau Water Chestnut With Milk

Tub Tim Krob is always my favorite dessert when dine in at Thai Restaurant. Today I am going to cook "PauPau Water Chestnut With Milk". It is slightly different with Tub Tim Krob as I did not cover up the water chestnut with Topioca flour and I am adding sago to ensure the smoothness of the dessert.

500gm jack-fruits (Sliced or Diced)
4 stalks of pandan leaves
250gm water chestnut (Diced)
250ml full cream milk (or Coconut Milk)
50gm sago
Rock sugar (as per taste)

Sliced the jack-fruits and cut the water chestnut into small dice.
Wash the pandan leaves and tied it into a knot. Cut every edges of the pandan leaves, this is to ensure the pandan fragrant can be easily spread when bring to boil. 
Bring the pandan leaves, milk and rock sugar to boiled at medium heat until the rock sugar dissolve.
Continue to stir it well at low heat for about 15mins or until the milk have the pandan fragrant. .
Then, add the sago into the milk syrup and stir it well. When the sago is become transparent, then it is ready to be served.

Leave the milk sago syrup at cool temperature and then fridge it for more chilling.
Blended some ice with the milk sago syrup and put on the center of an empty bowl. (Shaved some ice with milk syrup if you have shaver)
Pour the milk sago syrup into a bowl and then add water chestnut and jack-fruits.
Served it while chill.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

PauPau @ Cafe Laurel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Cafe Laurel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel is located at Gurney Drive, with its fare of local and international favorites, which served ala carte or buffet style. We have choose to try out their Tuesday buffet dinner with Italian and International theme.

Nice ambiance and spacious environment. 

Table Setting

Appetizer & Salad Counter

Salad & Dressing Counter

French Onion Soup (Beef Stock)

Italian & Local Main Course Area

Sashimi & Assorted Pickles Counter

Seafood & Assorted Vegetables Tempura

Homemade Fat Free Sherbert

Desserts Counter

Cappucino, Long Black, Coffee with Milk & Decaf

The Cappuccino have a thick smooth foam on the top and overall it is taste good too.

Appetizer & Salad
Smoked Salmon Sushi: The smoked salmon taste good, but it is too thin for the big sushi rice.
Cheese Salad: The cheese salad are not salty type and quite nice to eat along with the pickles.
Russian Salad: The Russian salad is a combination of potato, green pea, carrot, cucumber and egg.
Chicken Salad: The chicken salad is a cold dishes and quite delicious with its dressing.
Beef Salad: The beef salad is also a cold dishes and are quite tender. It is even taste great to eat along with the salad as well.
Tuna Salad: The tuna salad is taste fine and nothing special about it.

Sashimi & Assorted Pickles
The Sashimi (Fish) are quite fresh and it is my favorite dish. Feel so great as can have unlimited refill for the salmon sashimi. The Squid sashimi are nice and quite easy to chew-able.
The bright red color pickles are the tastiest, follow by the green pickles and the yellow pickles.

Main Course
Grilled Lamb Chop: The lamb chop is over-grilled and quite hard to chew-able. 
Fried Prawn: The fried prawn are quite big and springy. Just that the fried prawn no longer crispy.
Italian Pizza: The Italian pizza taste normal and the base are not crispy enough.
Braised Chicken: The braised chicken are also taste normal and nothing special.
Sweet & Sour Fish: The sweet & sour fish is another normal dish as well. 

French Onion Soup (Beef Stock)


Most of the desserts are delicious and I love their passion-fruits cake the most. Overall the desserts are taste very good and not too sweet too.

Ice Cream of the Day
They have coffee ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, chocolate mint ice cream, mango ice cream, kiwi sherbet and passion fruit sherbet. The homemade passion fruit sherbet are quite sourish and very refreshing.  

Cafe Laurel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel
Address: 53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Contact: 04-226 9988

Map to Cafe Laurel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel

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