Thursday, 14 June 2012

PauPau @ Rubin Mardini Cafe & Restaurant, Tanjung Bungah

Rubin Mardini Cafe & Restaurant, not only served for Turkish meal and also some local delights at a very reasonable price too. Rubin Mardini Cafe & Restaurant is located strategically at Tanjung Bungah. Overall, the environment are quite spacious and cozy.

There are various type of foods in their menu, from Turkish cuisine to local delights too.

Turkish Tea (RM 2.50 Nett)
Actually we are quite excited as this is our first time try out Turkish cuisine. So, we ordered the Turkish Tea as our curiosity urge us to do so. The Turkish Tea is served in a mini cup and the scented of the tea are semi-strong only and taste like mild chinese tea. We did not ordered the Turkish Coffee as according to the staff, it is like espresso and very strong until you might be awaken throughout the night.

Fresh Salad
The Fresh Salad is consists of lettuce, tomato, carrot and onion with dressing of olive oil, vinegar and nutmeg powder. This is definitely a low calories salad which is suitable for diet people. 

Lentil Soup (RM 5 Nett)
The Lentil Soup is quite aromatic with some spices such as bay leaves, cumin and garlic and the taste is likely mixed bean soup. 
(Rate: 3/5)

Mushroom Soup (RM 5 Nett)
The Mushroom Soup have plenty of mushroom chunks and sprinkle with dried parsley. The mushroom soup is quite creamy and it is more to milky taste.
(Rate: 3/5)

Hoshav (Compote) - RM 7 Nett
Hoshav is a stewed apple and apricot and served with syrup. Hoshav is a type of Turkish style cold soup, of course to us it is something like a dessert. According to my father, the syrup is not so sweet for him.

Turkish Pizza (Lahmajoun Mutton) - RM 11 Nett
The Turkish Pizza (Lahmajoun Mutton) is using a thin piece of dough based with minced mutton, finely chopped green pepper, tomato and onion. The Turkish pizza based is like the Indian Naan bread, and the minced mutton are so fragrant and flavorful.
(Rate: 4/5)

Pizza (Mutton) - RM 12 Nett
The Pizza (Mutton) is like ordinary pan pizza, the round bread is spread with tomato puree and add-on with mutton, tomato, green pepper, onion and then topped up with cheese. This Pizza (Mutton) is taste fine, but just slightly salty to me.
(Rate: 3/5)

Menu of Rubin Mardini Cafe & Restaurant

Turkish Baklava

Rubin Mardini Cafe & Restaurant, Tanjung Bungah
Address: Permai 32, 12 Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, 11200 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am to 9pm (Daily)

Map to Rubin Mardini Cafe & Restaurant, Tanjung Bungah


  1. There is a good news for you & all Turkish food lovers, as currently "Baklava" is available at Rubin Mardini Cafe & Restaurant.

  2. The Baklava is currently not available in their menu yet, but according to the shop owner, they are planning to introduce Baklava in their menu too.

  3. I did not see Baklava on the menu - was it available?


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