Thursday, 12 July 2012

PauPau @ Hai Nan Western, Terengganu Road

Hai Nan Western is currently moved to Terengganu Road,and the previous restaurant here  is DinHoKee Steamboat Restaurant. They are serving for variety of Western Cuisine like chicken, fish, pork, steak and lamb at a reasonable price for a restaurant.

They provide cozy indoor air-conditioned dining place and also open-air dining place at outside. The indoor dining place can catered for about 8 ~ 10 tables.

Grilled Fish & Chips (RM 9 Nett)
The Grilled Fish & Chips is served with pan-fried dory fish, french fries, salad, bun and mayonnaise. The Fish & Chips are taste fine and the sourish cabbage salad with vinegar are quite refreshing.
(Rate: 2.5/5)

Chicken Cacciatora (RM 9.50 Nett)
The Chicken Cacciatora is a deep fried chicken with their special sauce, served with french fries, salad and bun. Well, the deep fried chicken itself are quite crispy but tasteless, so you have to eat along with the gravy. Somehow, I think that the gravy are quite salty to my taste.
(Rate: 2.5/5)

Barbecue Pork (RM 9.50 Nett)
The Barbecue Pork is served with 3 slices of pork chop with bbq sauce, french fries, salad and bun. The pork chop are taste fine, just that the pork chop are too thick, so it is quite hard to chew with. If the pork shop is sliced thinly, then it would be more tender. Again, the sauce are too salty for me.
(Rate: 2.5/5)

Menu of Hai Nan Western

Hai Nan Western, Terengganu Road
Business Hours: 5pm to 11pm (Daily)

Map to Hai Nan Western, Terengganu Road
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