Tuesday, 27 November 2012

PauPau Pork Patty

If you are running out of gyoza skin while you are wrapping dumpling, and you still have the leftover meat filling. No worry, as you can use the meat filling and make "Pork Patty" or even keep the meat filling in fridge and cook it on the next day.

Minced meat with chives (leftover meat filing for the dumpling)
1 egg
Onion (Optional. Finely chopped.)
Olive oil

Add in the chopped onion into the meat filing and mix well.
Add in egg into the center of the meat filing, and stir well in the same clockwise. 
Heat up the saucepan and add in olive oil. 
Form the meat filing into any shape you prefer. I have form a round thin pork patty, so that it can be easily cooked.
Grill until the bottom of the meat patty become golden brown.

Flip it over once it is become golden brown and continue to grill the other-side.

Place a kitchen towel on the plate in order to filter out the excess oil.

This could be a nice meal for children too, pork patty with steam pumpkin, broccoli, fried egg and served with rice are quite appetizing.

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