Friday, 7 June 2013

PauPau Mango Ice Cream

4 ~ 5 ripe mangoes (peeled and cut into smaller pieces)
300ml natural yogurt (plain yogurt)
100ml greek yogurt
Mango cubes

Add mangoes, natural yogurt and greek yogurt into blender. 
Select "Smoothies" mode, and blend the mixture until smooth.
Pour the mango yogurt blend into any containers, add mango cubes and close the containers with the cover.
Freeze it in the freezer for at least a day.

Since still have some ripe mangoes leftover, so I plan to blend the mango milkshake too. 

Do not wash off the blender first, just add mango flesh and 250ml fresh milk into the blender. Blend until it is become smoothies. Pour into a jug and chill it. 

This mango milkshakes has strong mango taste and it is all natural sweet. It is so chilling!  

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