Wednesday, 11 September 2013

PauPau @ Heaven Gate, King Street

Heaven Gate, such a romance name for a fine dining restaurant which is located at King Street (same row as The Sire). Their front entrance is well-decorated like you are entering the heaven gate too.

Never missed out their magic mirror behind the fountain, I called it "Magic Mirror" as you may captured many of yourself reflect in the mirror from different angle. 

They are serving for British, French and Italian cuisine in various type of seafood, poultry, spaghetti, dessert and wine pairing are available too in their menu.

Nice table setting.

The restaurant owner get the inspiration from significant places from Italy, and thus various angel statues and painting are used as their main decorative in the restaurant. 

Another statue that is placed at the rainbow bar corner, kind of shamed as I missed out to capture their colorful rainbow bar.

Mushroom Soup (RM 8.90 + 10% Charges)
The Mushroom Soup is served with a toast baguette with thousand island. The mushroom soup is quite thick and creamy, while the taste are flavorful with lots of chopped mushroom. However, I would be more delightful if the toast baguette is served with fragrant garlic butter. 
(Rate: 3.5/5)

A close up of mushroom soup.

Grilled Salmon Atlantic (RM 38 + 10% Charges)
The Grilled Salmon Atlantic is a grilled salmon fillet with citrus cream sauce, served with mashed potato and fruits salad.

The grilled salmon is deboned, it has a crispy skin while the salmon is still juicy. The cream sauce is quite thick with mild citrus aroma and the taste is quite suitable for my taste-bud as it is less salty.

The mashed potato has strong fresh parsley scent, somehow the fresh parsley scent is too strong for my liking.

The fruits salad is a lettuce wrap with mango cubes, melon cubes and tomato dices.

(Rate: 4/5)

A close up of grilled salmon Atlantic.

Aromatic Smoked Chicken (RM 28 + 10% Charges)
The Aromatic Smoked Chicken is consists of marinated smoked chicken, served with pan grilled mushroom, slices of zucchini and cream cheese baked potato cubes.

The smoked chicken is very aromatic and delicious, the meat is quite tender and juicy. The thick brown sauce is quite flavorful with hint of spiciness as well.

The cream cheese baked potato is definitely a great appetizer for cheese lover, the melted cheese is so awesome.

The pan grilled yellow and green zucchini with mushroom is taste good with mild peppery taste.

(Rate: 4/5)

A close up of aromatic smoked chicken.

After filled up my stomach with such a pleasant lunch, and it is a must to tour around the restaurant. Another huge painting along the staircase to upper floor.

Cozy yet nice ambiance of dining place.

They do have live band with saxophone on every Saturday night from 7pm onward.

Menu of Heaven Gate

Heaven Gate, King Street
Address: 1A, King Street, Georgetown, 10200 Penang.
Business Hours: Mon to Thurs (12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 12am); Fri to Sun (12pm to 12am)
Contacts: 012 - 488 5979

Map to Heaven Gate, King Street

View Heaven Gate, King Street in a larger map

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