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Special Guest Post from Edith @ Sushi Zanmai, Low Yat Plaza (KL)

Today I am going to share something different, so how different is it? Yes, it is kind of big different as now I am going to post something out of Penang island. And I am gladly to have Edith Domschy as my special guest to share her food review at Sushi Zanmai, Low Yat Plaza (KL).

How coincidences as I just went and tried Sushi Zanmai, Gurney Paragon last two week. And it is definitely a great place to have delicious sushi at reasonable price. Besides, I love the way they have sized their food portion for selection either small or large. So that, we still can have some spaces to try out variety of dishes.

Below is the guest post about Sushi Zanmai, Low Yat Plaza (KL).

Guest Post written by Edith ~

Sushi for dinner? Best sushi place in KL

I was never a big fan of sushi – I’ve always had it with your regular salmon, shrimp or avocado, and thought that was pretty much all to it – until I discovered there can be a large variety to choose from, and it can be truly exciting, not to mention delicious! On this journey of mine towards rediscovering sushi, Sushi Zanmai played a big role.

Sushi Zanmai is a really nice place when it comes to the physical location. It’s a little bit on the fancy side, with big imposing tables with rows and rows of seats for big party groups. It has the regular conveyor belt where you can marvel at the amazing sushi dishes and get a taster of what to expect; moreover, the dishes come with a complementary green ice tea, which gets refilled every time. The service is great, too. So everything being set, it’s time to get your orders!

They have a wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes, but surprisingly, also a wide array of vegetarian ones. Each one I tasted was delicious, and with the exception of the more common dishes such as fried vegetables or fried rice, everything looks presentable and tastes great.

My favorite ones would have to be the mushroom sushi, the bean curd sushi and the fried mashed potatoes with corn. Even though they are small portions, they end up filling you to the rim, and in addition, they are also very wallet friendly. Amazingly enough, I have never paid more than RM25 for a more than satisfying dinner; this is to say, all the dishes are surprisingly cheap, to the point where you can get RM1,80 worth of sushi dish. They serve the regular miso soup as well, which is quite delicious, and have a large variety of sushi with salmon, chicken, crab, shrimp, tuna and other seafood. Whenever I order something new, it’s always an exciting discovery, both in terms of the way the dish is presented and how it tastes. But so far, only good experiences! The only slightly weird thing is that they charge for wet napkins … But they can take my 20 cents for that, as long as I don’t get food poisoning or other tummy issues. It has happened to me quite a couple of times with other restaurants – I might have a sensitive tummy, and if you suffer from something similar, you might want to look at the causes here – but I have never had any issues at Sushi Zanmai, and I warmly recommend it anyone. Especially if you’re not crazy about sushi, like I wasn’t in the beginning, you might change your mind like that!

Check it out here:
SUSHI ZANMAI (Low Yat Plaza)
Lot G005 & G005A, Ground Floor,
Plaza Low Yat, No.7 Jalan Bintang,
Off Jln Bukit bintang, Bukit Bintang Central, 55100 KL

Edith @


  1. Nice review! Looks like the menu has been refreshed! :-)

    Penang Ho Chiak

  2. Go go green once in a while! :-)

    Ho Chiak


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