Tuesday, 22 October 2013

PauPau @ Signature Cafe, The One

Actually I get to know Signature Burritos & French Pastries Cafe via online deal site, this cafe is located at One World, Bayan Baru. They are mainly served for burritos, pizza and pastries.

The dining place at upstairs is more spacious compare to downstairs which have only three tables. There are lots of decorative photo frames hanged on the green ocean color wall. Overall, the dining place here are quite cozy with nice ambiance.

Turkey Breast Burrito (RM 11.50 Nett)
The Turkey Breast Burrito is consists of sliced of turkey breast, lettuce, red cabbage, onion, olive, cucumber, tomato and adding thousand island and Mexican sauce. The wrap served is warm-hot which is suitable for my liking, just that the turkey breast sliced is too thinly slice. And, I also like the Mexican sauce which is quite flavorful with mild spiciness. 

(Rate: 3/5)

Chicken Salami Pizza Combo (RM 16.40 Nett)
We have upgraded the chicken salami set to chicken salami pizza set, by adding RM 2.50 (Favorite Combo RM 13.90 + Pizza rm 2.50).

Combo is comes with a choice of drinks and a muffin.

Chicken Salami Pizza
The Chicken Salami Pizza is consists of chicken salami, onion, chilly, spring onion and topped up with lots of cheese. The homemade pizza dough is quite nice, and the melted cheese is so delightful too. However, it took quite some time to serve this pizza, not a good choice if you are in hunger mode.

(Rate: 3.5/5) 

Menu of Signature Cafe

November Promotional
- FREE Burritos with purchase of one burritos and drink.
- Valid till end of Nov 2013.
- Kindly print out & bring this offer leaflet to redeem!!

Signature Cafe, The One
Address: The One, 1-1-21 & 1-2-21, Tingkat Mahsuri 4, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday; 11am to 10pm (Closed on Sunday)
Contact: 04 - 641 1729

Map to Signature Cafe, The One

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Monday, 14 October 2013

PauPau @ Journey2Life, Bay Avenue

Sometimes I do craving for vegetarian too, especially after those heavy meaty meal and I will feel that my stomach is starting to mumbling to me. And here I am now at Journey2Life to fulfill my stomach needs.

Journey2Life is a vegetarian restaurant that is located at bay avenue (behind KWSP). Same row as Kizuna Japanese restaurant, it is quite easy to spotted. 

The environment is quite cozy with nice ambiance.

Scrumptious Meal at Journey2Life

Red Yeast Fried Rice (RM 15.90 Nett)
The Red Yeast Fried Rice is consists of red yeast fried rice, deep fried mushroom, salad and watermelon. The fried rice texture are just nice (not too wet), and taste good too. However, the deep fried mushroom is kinda disappointment, as personally i felt that deep fried is never under healthy category, some more the fried mushroom is not crispy but soft. Anyway, I have removed those batter and enjoy the mushroom by itself. 

(Rate: 3/5)

Kung Po Fried Penne (RM 9.90 Nett)
The Kung Po Fried Penne is actually a western fusion dish, fried penne in Kung Po style with some vegetarian mutton slices and sprinkle with parsley. The Kung Po fried penne is quite flavorful and spicy , this dish is delicious but the vegetarian mutton slices is too little.

(Rate: 3/5)

Spinach Soup Set (RM 9.90 Nett)
The Enzymes Drink that comes along with the spinach soup set is like the below mini cup (half of a large hand). The enzymes drink do not have strong flavor, but mild taste with sourish and light sweet.

Spinach Soup 
The Spinach Soup is served with some mushroom, broccoli florets and croutons. 

The blend of spinach soup is too starchy for my taste bud, and it is lack of flavor. 

(Rate: 2.5/5)


Lunch Menu (Available until 5pm)

Journey2Life, Bay Avenue
Address: C-3-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 3, Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas.
Business Hours: 11:30am to 9:30pm (Closed on Monday)
Contact: 04 - 611 1184

Map to Journey2Life, Bay Avenue

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