Friday, 21 March 2014

PauPau @ Via Pre, Weld Quay

Via Pre is an Italian restaurant which is served for authentic dining experienced at Weld Quay. It is just located at the main road of Weld Quay, opposite of The Chin Restaurant, QE II.

The dining place are quite spacious and cosy. And the interior have the tavern feel and the ambiance is just right.

Delectable foods like bacon, cheese, pastry and cakes that displayed on the counter are capturing my attentions lots while waiting for my meal. 

Complimentary from the house
The Complimentary Bread is served with balsamic and olive oil. The bread-sticks are nice and crunchy, while the bread are quite soft too.

Smoked Ocean Trout & Melon (RM 36 +16% Charges)
The Smoked Ocean Trout & Melon is consists of slices of smoked trout and melon cubes, nicely decorated with basil leaves. 

This is my first time tasting smoked trout and I was once confusing that is salmon slices, as it has the same orange colour flesh as salmon. But, this is definitely is smoked trout. The smoked trout is quite fresh and juicy, but it is kind of too salty for my taste bud. 
(Rate: 3/5)

Braciola Di Maiale (RM 39 + 16% Charges)
The Braciola Di Maiale is consists of a pork chop chive marinated, served with grilled salad, fresh vegetables and special sauce. The pork chop portion is quite generous and sides with grilled sweet potato, potato and radish. The pork chop has mild savoury itself and it is good to taste with their special sauce which is quite flavoursome. And for the meat, it is quite tender and delicious. 
(Rate: 4/5) 

Linguine Riviera (RM 32 + 16% Charges)
The Linguine Riviera is a pasta which is flambéed with brandy, prawn and basil pesto oil. The pasta is cooked Al dente and it is rich in basil pesto flavour. This dish is quite appealing and scrumptious.   
(Rate: 4/5)

Tiramisu (RM 16 + 16% Charges)
The Tiramisu is a rich and heavenly desserts that easily get melted in my mouth, and it tastes dreamy. This dessert has strong espresso coffee, but never too overwhelming; and it is perfect match with the creamy soft cheese.
(Rate: 4/5)

Panna Cotta (RM 15 + 16% Charges)
The Panna Cotta is a light silken custard which is served with lightly sweetened cream and blueberries. The panna cotta is smooth and creamy, yet not too heavy. 
(Rate: 3.5/5)

Click here for Menu of Via Pre

Via Pre, Weld Quay
Address: 5, Weld Quay, Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Business Hours: 10am to 10:30pm (Daily)
Contact: 04 - 261 9800

Map to Via Pre, Weld Quay

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