Wednesday, 31 December 2014

PauPau @ Eld's 22 Pasta & Grill, Gurney Paragon

Eld's 22 Pasta & Grill is a newly open Italian fusion restaurant which located at 5th floor of Gurney Paragon, and actually the previous restaurant is Javrie Restaurante and Pizzeria.

Overall the environment is quite cosy and provided seasonal mood with simple Christmas decoration.

4 Course Menu for Christmas and New Year

Their 4 course meal is consists of a drink (seasonal citrus punch), a starter (grilled prawn), a choice of main course (roasted chicken, grilled white tuna, roasted rib eye or roasted lamb shoulder) and a dessert (pineapple volcano)

Seasonal Citrus Punch

Grilled Prawn
The Grilled Prawn is nicely stack on top of white button mushroom. The grilled prawn is quite fresh and springy, and this dish taste good even barely with no seasoning.  

Grilled White Tuna Steak (RM 42.80 + 10%)
The Grilled White Tuna Steak is stack on top of mashed potato and coated with cheesy mushroom sauce, served with vegetables. 

The cheesy mushroom is quite creamy with mild saltiness, which is quite suit to my taste bud. 

Roasted Chicken (RM 39.80 + 10%)
The Roasted Chicken is consists of a quarter roasted chicken with chile salsa, served with vegetables.

The chile salsa is actually taste more alike chilly blend with mild spicy. The chicken skin part may be aromatic, but the chicken meat itself is quite bland if without the sauce. (as I removed the chicken skin, that's why I said "may be".) 

Pineapple Volcano
The Pineapple Volcano is consists of a pastry skin as based, topped up with pineapple sliced and scoop of vanila ice cream.

Eld's 22 Pasta & Grill
Address: 163D-5-16, 18 & 19, Guney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Business Hours: 10am to 10pm
Contact: 04 - 218 9013

Map to Gurney Paragon

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