Monday, 15 September 2014

PauPau @ Paya Terubong Famous Nasi Lemak, Ayer Itam

Nasi Lemak (literally means "oily rice") is a fragrant rice cooked with rich coconut milk and pandan leaves, this rice dish is quite common here which is also categorized under national dish. For the roadside nasi lemak (banana leaves wrapped packet), usually is served with few fixed ingredients like small anchovies, hard boiled egg, fried small fish or prawn. However for the nasi lemak stall, they always have various side dishes such as chicken dishes, fried small fish, prawns and many more to choose with.

Ever since I have read through the food article that featured about this Paya Terubong Famous Nasi Lemak (Trishaw) from Kwang Ming newspaper, I was so tempting to try it out. Finally, here we are, at "Paya Terubong Famous Nasi Lemak", Ayer Itam branch. This Ayer Itam branch is located at Sin Teong Nam Cafe, which is just beside Shell petrol station, opposite of Public Bank.

This nasi lemak stall has been operating for over 30 decades at Paya Terubong, starting with a trishaw nasi lemak and now they have expand another nasi lemak stall at Ayer Itam, which is running by a young couple. According to them, their nasi lemak have reduced coconut milk when cooking, as they are quite concerned about healthy diet too. How thoughtful they are! 

Nasi Lemak (RM9.50 Nett)
Well, this is my "deluxe" Nasi Lemak with various side dishes. The nasi lemak is consists of fried small anchovies, spicy small anchovies, fried chicken, braised soy chicken, asam fish, asam prawn and curry chicken, served with their homemade sambal and cucumber slices.

The fried small anchovies are so crispy and not so oily, this is definitely a great appetizer for me and hardly for me to stop eating it. While the sambal small anchovies has the great spicy kick, and it is quite appetizing to eat along with rice. 

The curry chicken thigh is quite tender and the thick curry taste savoury. 

The soy chicken thigh is well caramelized until golden brown. Although I did not eat the skin, but the meat itself is quite flavourful and juicy. 

The fried chicken is a deep fried turmeric marinated chicken thigh. It is quite crispy, and it has hint of turmeric flavour. Well, if you are a spicy lover, never forget to try out their spicy sambal.

The asam prawn (tamarind prawn) is marinated with tamarind juice and pulp, before pan fried. The tamarind prawn has the sweetness taste, while the deep fried tamarind fish taste sourish and more flavourful.

Menu of Paya Terubong Famous Nasi Lemak, Ayer Itam

Paya Terubong Famous Nasi Lemak, Ayer Itam
Address: Sin Teong Nam Cafe, Jalan Ayer Itam, Penang.
Contact: 012 - 465 6596

Map to Paya Terubong Famous Nasi Lemak, Ayer Itam

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