Thursday, 14 May 2015

PauPau @ Dcova Cafe, Georgetown

It has been quite some time that we have not been exploring at town area, and surprisingly that a lot of cafe has already been wildly mushrooming. It is really good to back in town again, and continue to find a nice cafe for lunch.

Driving along Bishop Street, we have some findings of new cafe / restaurants such as Acupady, Coffee Affairs, Route 9, Goh Kaki Cafe, Aunty Gaik Lean's Restaurant, and Dcova which is just right beside of The Cruises Steak House.

At last, we decided to go for lunch at Dcova. Dcova is housed in Logan Heritage which previously was The Lighthouse Cafe.

Well, the cafe is quite crowded and packed with lots of diners. Overall the cafe is quite small, but the environment is cosy with nice ambiance. 

They do served for starter, salad, pasta, main, sandwich, desserts and variety of cake at the counter. 

Our order ~ Cash Term Only

Mochaccino (RM 8.50 Nett)
The Mochaccino is a caffein hot drink of combination of mocha and cappuccino. This mochaccino is slightly sweet to me, and with mild bitter taste. However, it is quite aromatic. 

Teriyaki Chicken Salad (RM 18.90 Nett)
The Teriyaki Chicken Salad is consists of green leaves, cucumber, cherry tomato, served with teriyaki chicken, sprinkle with white sesame seeds.

The grilled teriyaki chicken has strong sweet taste and very flavourful. They are using chicken thigh which make the teriyaki chicken tender and juicy. Overall, this dish is delightful. 

Ebiko Alfredo (RM 21.90 Nett)
The Ebiko Alfredo is consists of angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce, served with grilled prawn and topped up with shrimp roe and seaweed. 

The pasta is cooked al-dente, and it is really taste great when the pasta is mixed with shrimp roe. You can feel the crunchiness of the fish roe on your every bites. Their alfredo sauce is creamy and less salty which is quite fit our taste buds. 


Dcova Cafe, Georgetown
Address: Logan Heritage, No. 4, Bishop Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. 
Business Hours: Mon - Thurs & Sun (10am to 10pm); Fri - Sat (10am to 12am)
Contact: 04 - 261 3121

Map to Dcova Cafe, Georgetown 

After fulfilled our stomach, we drive along the town area as the traffic was very smooth on the past labour day. Then, we drove by the esplanade and we both have the same thinking. That is to grab a icy cool coconut shake for the hot day.

The Coconut Shake is very refreshing and cooling enough to relieve the thirst. Definitely a good grab!

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