Thursday, 25 June 2015

PauPau @ D Fat Mona Lisa Cafe, Georgetown

D Fat Mona Lisa is a bungalow house which is located along Free School road (just opposite side of the famous fried banana fritters stall). Well, ample car park is available there and thus no worry of finding car park especially when it is late lunch for us (now what we want is FOOD!!!).

Outdoor and indoor with nice ambiance

The dining place is very spacious and they have three different concept of dining area (Casual and cosy dining place, Unique brick walled background dining place and comfy sofa area which is best for enjoying a cuppa coffee).

Weekday Tea Time Promotion

Grilled BBQ Chicken (RM 15.90 + 6% GST)
The Grilled Chicken is consists of grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, served with potato salad and green vegetables.

The grilled chicken portion is quite small (this is actually feedback from my father who ordered this). The BBQ sauce is just fine, nothing much to brag on for this dish.

Espresso Chicken (RM 18.90 + 6% GST)
The Espresso Chicken is consists of a grilled chicken with espresso, served with potato salad and green vegetables. Well, actually I am more opt for their baked potato as side dish than potato salad (Why? As I am really love hot dishes than cold dishes ^o^ ). 

Charcoal grilled chicken was my first impression when it is served to us. Well, my father ate the skin that I removed from the grilled chicken. And he said that the skin taste is very sweet. 

The chicken meat is actually did not well marinated (as all goes to the skin), but the chicken is quite tender. For the sauce, it has strong sweetness taste with mild bitterness. This espresso chicken is their signature dish, so you may give it a try (perhaps it suit your tastebud), but certainly not my liking.

Mushroom Carbonara (RM 16.90 + 6% GST)
 The Mushroom Carbonara is consists of carbonara spaghetti with mushroom and trio colour capsicum.  

The carbonara sauce is very creamy and rich in flavour. It is so divine and I just cannot stop munching it. This dish is going to be my favourite order list at here.

Self order at their counter. (Cash Term Only)

Menu of D Fat Mona Lisa Cafe, Georgetown

 D Fat Mona Lisa Cafe, Georgetown
Address: 43, Free School Road, 11600 Penang.
Business Hours: Tue to Thurs (7am to 11pm); Fri to Sun (7am to 12am)
Contact: 04 - 281 0797

Map to D Fat Mona Lisa Cafe, Georgetown

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