Wednesday, 22 July 2015

PauPau @ Bake & Brew Cafe, Penang Street

After so many choices of restaurants and cafe in Penang, and finally we decided to give it a try to Bake  & Brew Cafe for our anniversary celebration. Furthermore, Bake & Brew Cafe is offering set dinner meal (promotional price) now at Groupon online, which is meal for one person at RM 39 and meal for two persons at RM 76 nett. This cafe is actually been operated for over a year and it is located at Penang Street.

Quite wide range of pastries and cake.

The interior design looks simple yet classy and modern. As the high ceiling with checker-board tiles make the cafe ambiance more classic. 

Hot Chocolate (RM 8.70 + 6% GST)
Wish to try out their brew coffee, but not dare to order and drink at this hours (else both eyes will sparkling blink at night.... Afraid of sleepless night!!!). Then, we plan to try out their Belgium dark chocolate (hot), but it is out of stock. Ends up it left me no choice, but to order the ordinary hot chocolate. 

The hot chocolate served with nice 2D art (lovely love shape). Well, the hot chocolate is quite rich with cocoa taste, but the sweetness is at above of my acceptance level. Perhaps I used to drink coffee without sugar, thus I would prefer slightly bitterness over sweetness for the hot chocolate. 

The groupon promotion set dinner menu is included clam chowder, a choice of main course (Grilled Chicken with wine juz / Crispy Skin Seabass / Roasted leg's of Lamb) and dessert.

We are served with bread and butter. Well, I did not try the bread as I want to reserve my stomach for chowder, main course and of course my dessert. But my partner feedback that the bread is quite nice and soft. 

Clam on the Beach
The Clam Chowder is creamy and quite delicious. It has the hint of herbs and quite flavourful. 

Carved English Roasted Leg's of Lamb
The Roasted Lamb Leg is nicely presentable and served with broccoli and grilled onion. The roasted lamb is quite tender and juicy. Dip the meat with some gravy and it will definitely enhance the flavour.  

Crispy Skin Seabass
I am so loving it the decor of the grilled seabass which is very well presentable. They used mashed potato as the outer decor and topped up with pumpkin (that is my guess only -- pumpkin). While the crispy grilled seabass is topped up with crispy shredded ginger. No doubt, the seabass skin is really crispy and gladly the fish is quite fresh and delicious. The seabass is actually quite get along with the butter lemon oil, slightly buttery with tangy taste which is quite appetizing too.

Ciocolato De' Casa
Ciocolato De' Casa is modern English dessert chocolate mousse in pop-sicle shape topped up with macaroon, with berry compote. The chocolate mousse pop-sicle has a smooth texture, it is rich, creamy and sweet. The macaroon is even sweeter than the chocolate mousse (certainly not suit my taste-bud as the macaroon is too sweet for my liking). 

Satisfied chubby face after the scrumptious dinner. 

The damage of the night. 
Add on: I have take away English muffin and scone as my breakfast tomorrow. 

English Muffin (RM 3.20 + 6% GST)
Just reheat the English muffin for 4 ~ 5 minutes with toaster, then spread butter inside the muffin. The English muffin is crispy outside and soft inner, quite fragrant with the melted butter. 

Apricot and vanila Scone (RM 4.30 + 6% GST)
Think I have overheat the scone and it is now become so crunchy like biscuit. Perhaps it is best to reheat it for 2 ~ 3 minutes. However, this apricot and vanila scone is quite sweet, I'm still prefer the English muffin than scone. 

Menu of Bake & Brew Cafe, Penang Street

Bake & Brew Cafe, Penang Street
Address: 20E, Penang Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11am to 10pm (Daily)
Contact: 04 - 262 5129

Map to Bake & Brew Cafe, Penang Street

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