Wednesday, 1 July 2015

PauPau @ K Food Restaurant, Bayan Lepas (Elit Avenue)

Elit Avenue is a new commercial development at Bayan Lepas. This is my first time here and I found out that there are quite lots of new restaurant and cafe is opened now compare to past few weeks. Well, you have to take note about their entrance parking ticket machine. Ensure you enter the correct entrance lane tagged with "Visitors Only", remember to avoid from the "Residential" lane if you are not staying there.

K Food Restaurant is a Korean restaurant that located at Elit Avenue (same row as St. Presso Cafe). Overall, the dining environment is simple yet cosy. K Food Restaurant do serve for rice, ramen, soupy and few appetizers, but self-barbeque meat is not available there.

They served for two types of banchan as below [Banchan (in Korean) is means side dishes served along rice or soup]. There is unlimited refill for these two side dishes. 

The omelette is very delicious and has slightly springy texture (QQ texture). While waiting for the food, I have keep on munching for the omelette (It is really so good! Some more it is free refillable).  

Kimchi, it is one of the Korean side dish made of fermented vegetables with variety of seasoning. Well, I am not expert in tasting this (as I am quite rarely dine in for Korean food). But, I can tell it is quite nice and suit my taste bud. The spiciness and sourish is well - balanced.

Steamed Dumpling (Pork) - (RM 12 Nett)
This dish is consists of 16 pieces of steamed pork dumpling. The dumpling filling is quite smooth and taste wise is okay for me (not that salty which is suit my taste bud). However, I would be more prefer steamed dumpling with strong black sesame taste.  

Seafood Pancake (RM 12 Nett)
The Seafood Pancake is consists of crabmeat stick, squid, chilly and green onion. The pancake has the right springy texture and quite flavourful. 

K Food Restaurant, Bayan Lepas (Elit Avenue)
Address: 1-1-45, Elit Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hours: 11:30am to 10pm
Contact: 04 - 637 0543

Map to K Food Restaurant, Bayan Lepas (Elit Avenue)

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