Thursday, 2 July 2015

PauPau @ Triple Milk Frozen Yogurt, Golden Triangle (Relau)

One of my favourite snack is eggettes (鸡蛋仔), and ever since I get to know that there is a newly opened shop, Triple Milk Frozen Yogurt which is speciality in eggettes, is bring in to Penang by a couple from Hong Kong. It makes me more wanting to try it so much.

Eggettes is actually a signature egg waffle originally from Hong Kong and it can considered as a quite common snack and easily spotted over there. And I started to imagine how good if there is lots of eggettes shop at Penang too. (definitely is my PauPau Dreamland ^o^ )

Triple Milk Frozen Yogurt is located at Golden Triangle (Relau), you can find it near the exit side. The environment looks bright and clean; simple with nice ambiance. 

HK Egg Puff (RM 5.90 Nett)
I ordered one HK Egg Puff (original) for sharing of two as our dessert after dinner. The reason I choose original egg puff is that I feel myself will be more joyful in tasting the egg puff itself than added with yogurt. Well, the eggettes is made fresh to my order, and it is served hot (what I mean is really hot... ouch... my finger...). 

The egg puff is really taste good with strong eggy aroma. It has the perfect crispiness at outside and soft on the inside. We had finished it within a minute and we totally have the same thought when we stare at the empty. Yes, order one more HK egg puff please!!! 

Well, the second egg puff has the same aroma and taste good as first one, just that it is slightly less crunchy and crispy than earlier. 

Menu of Triple Milk Frozen Yogurt, Golden Triangle (Relau)

Triple Milk Frozen Yogurt, Golden Triangle (Relau)
Address: 29-1-63, Golden Triangle, Jalan Paya Terubong, Relau Penang.

Map to Triple Milk Frozen Yogurt, Golden Triangle (Relau)

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