Tuesday, 4 August 2015

PauPau @ Will Westerrn Delight, Centrio Avenue (Gelugor)

Will Western Delight is now located at shop-lots of Centrio Avenue, Bukit Gambir - Gelugor area (just opposite of Ashley Green landed houses and behind of Raffle Tower.). Previously Will Western Delight is just a stall-operated at Hing Long Coffee Shop for the past few years, which is same row as US Pizza (just beside of Gembira Pirade building.). And now they have moved into new shop at Centrio Avenue in order to serve their customers better.However, their new shop is also fan-operated, so we choose to sit nearby their entrance.

Grilled Sirloin (RM 17.80 Nett)
The Grilled Sirloin is cooked medium rare, which is a perfect steak to me. The grilled sirloin is charred grill at outside of the meat, but a more pink colour meat with little juice inside. The meat is quite tender and need no sauce to eat along. As the grilled sirloin itself is delicious enough with its own little juice.

Grilled Chicken with Garlic Sauce (RM 8.80 Nett)
The Grilled Chicken is consists of french fries, coleslaw, mixed vegetables and pea, sliced bread and quarter of corn, served with garlic sauce. The garlic sauce is quite fragrant with the fried garlic and taste good. While for the grilled chicken, it is well-marinated and the meat is tender and nice too..  

Satisfied face after our second dinner. Yeah... that's right, it is kind of late dinner to early supper for us. No choice as stomach keep on hungry after our weekly gym workout, so have to recharge it by feeding it and now in return we get satisfied big tummy too. Cheers!

Menu of Will Westerrn Delight, Centrio Avenue (Gelugor) 

Will Westerrn Delight, Centrio Avenue (Gelugor)
Address; 163-1-15A, Centrio Avenue, Jalan Permai, 11700 Gelugor, Penang.
Business Hours: 5pm to 10pm (Closed on Monday)
Contact: 017 - 413 4330

Map to Will Westerrn Delight, Centrio Avenue (Gelugor)

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